why some brands take off...
and others don’t
jared schrieber


What do winning brands do differently? Inspired by the number-one bestseller Good to Great, market intelligence expert Jared Schrieber has gone a step further to explore the factors that distinguish Breakout Brands from those that lag behind. He studied 25,000 brands over five years by tracking the day-to-day purchasing decisions of more than one million consumers and analyzing the marketing forces that influenced their behaviors. The result: a clear framework (The Brand Growth Flywheel) with a practical guide for growing brands, no matter their industry or size.

Interview with the author


Jared Schrieber has been rethinking how brands harness consumer data to drive growth for more than 20 years. Jared was the founding CEO of Numerator and the former head of products and services at Retail Solutions (now IRi), two successful startups that have shaped how brands better understand their consumers and win at retail in the twenty-first century.

Jared’s storied past includes a few hacks at MIT, co-founding the Pat Tillman Foundation, throwing the javelin & playing Australian Rules Football. Most recently, Jared established the Revolution Robotics Foundation to bring the inspirational joy of educational & competitive robotics to all kids globally.

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